The Top 3 Questions Hollywood Stylists Ask Themselves Before They Buy Anything!

rack of elegant clothes with sign reading the top 3 questions Hollywood stylists ask themselves before they buy anything

  Do you want to dress with confidence, but you don’t know how? And do you keep wasting money on the wrong clothes… Only to end up with a closet full of nothing to wear? Then you need to ask these 3 questions! I’ve created a FREE video that teaches you the the top three questions Hollywood stylists ask themselves before…


How to Dress Better: Discover Your Signature Style

closeup of woman's shoulder and hand wrapped in a black robe

  Your Signature Style… In fashion, the phrase “Signature Style” gets thrown around a lot. True, your personal style may be similar to someone else’s, but how you choose to represent yourself really is as unique as your signature. But is your signature today the same as it was in high school? Still dot your…


How Often Do You Need To Wash Jeans, Bras, And More?

When To Wash Guide: assortment of jeans, sweaters, bra, suit jacket, and other clothes

  Do you ever wonder how many times you can get away with wearing something before it needs to be laundered? This quick guide will tell you and you might be surprised. Most of us are over-washing our clothes and shortening their life spans in the process.     As you can see, it would…


How To Do Hot Weather Autumn Outfits

collage of Autumn inspired clothing and accessories

  What do you do when it’s Fall, but it’s still 90 degrees outside?! You swap out your pastels for autumn colors and trade your espadrilles and canvas bags for leather. Read on for more ideas… Hopefully, you’re just in time to shop these lightweight autumn finds! One or two clicks on the images at…


How To Wrap It Up In Timeless Luxury

Outfit Ideas: Wrap It Up featuring a camel colored wrap coat

Hopefully, you’re just in time to shop for these great finds! One or two clicks on the images at the bottom of this page will take you right to them. Nonetheless, read on for a mini shopping lesson and use these images as inspiration for your next outfit. Why These Work… This outfit takes classic,…

photo of Erin Ross
photo by Alex Muench

Hi, I'm Erin Ross. I spent over 20 years in Hollywood as a professional stylist and personal shopper, building the wardrobes of A-list movie stars, musicians, and more. I worked with the fashion houses of Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and many others on Rodeo Drive. I'll teach you how to become your own personal stylist by showing you how to Discover Your Signature Style,correctly Edit Your Closet, and skillfully Shop Like a Stylist so you can build a wardrobe that fills you with confidence and makes you shine!

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