Indulge Your Wardrobe In a Rose Gold Rendezvous


Hopefully, you’re just in time to shop these great finds! One or two clicks on the images at the bottom of this page will take you right to them. Nonetheless, read on for a mini shopping lesson and use these images as inspiration for your next outfit.

Why these work…

  • The dark denim ups the sophistication level of any outfit.
  • This hat packs in a suitcase and pops right back into shape. Definitely worth the price because it is incredibly well made and will always be in style. And not just for the beach!
  • The tie front tank’s V neck and knotted waist brings the eye downward. Great for elongating the neck and defining the waist. I recommend wearing the back of it tucked in for a more polished look.
  • The striped linen blouse is full, but stops right at the waistline for better proportion. Your legs look longer this way.
  • The long cardigan is belted, again, defining the waist.
  • The ruffle sleeve blouse takes the eye upward by creating a fuller shoulder.
  • Classic accessories are always worth an investment. The rosy color of the aviator sunglasses creates a flattering blush on your cheeks.
  • Well made shoes are comfortable. Even with a high heel. The elastic bands on this espadrille move with you. I included a lower heeled and lower priced alternative sandal as well.
  • You probably share a suitcase with the kids, but you deserve your own carry on. Find one that matches your personality.
  • The straw clutch is elegant, but casual. It looks great with both jeans and a sundress and adds a pop of color to your outfit.
  • Love this ring! The warmth of rose gold is flattering on most skin tones. And this ring has several enamel color choices.

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You’ll be taken right to the stores that carry them when you click on the images below. If you make a purchase through these links, a commission is potentially earned by WWTNT at no extra fee to you. But don’t worry, only products that I truly value for my readers are chosen to be featured.


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