Wish you had a closet full of outfits you LOVE that fill you with confidence?

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"I always felt self-conscious with how I dressed. Erin’s courses taught me in an easy to understand way how to confidently dress my shape and know that I look great. My closet finally makes sense. Everything in it makes me happy."

- Jennifer/California, USA

"Every woman deserves the luxury of a wardrobe that makes her shine."

I’ve designed a series of 3 simple courses that give you the knowledge and confidence to create a skillfully styled wardrobe that consistently flatters and beautifully reflects the real you.


Discover Your Signature Style

You'll learn, step-by-step, the styles that consistently flatter your shape, fit your lifestyle, and reflect your true personality.


The Right Way to Edit Your Closet

Learn what works, what doesn't, & what you still need, as well as how to organize and care for it all. It's the difference between a closet full of clothes and a closet full of outfits.


How to Shop Like a Hollywood Stylist

Get the necessary mindset of a Hollywood stylist and learn the skills and tricks of the trade you need to successfully shop like a pro.

As Featured In...

Cover of the Robb Report March 2005 Magazine
Photo of Erin Ross as Featured in The Robb Report

"So many [clients] don't have the time," explains (Erin) Ross, "and it's overwhelming when they do go to the stores. Often there are just too many choices, and it becomes intimidating."

- William Kissel. "Shop Lessons" Robb Report

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