Hi, I’m Erin Ross, 

I spent over 20 years in Hollywood as a professional stylist and personal shopper, building the wardrobes of A-list movie stars, musical icons, and entertainment industry moguls, dressing them for the Oscars and many other red carpet events. My job was to make them shine. 

But every woman deserves the luxury of a wardrobe that makes her shine.

And I want to help. 

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Wish you had a closet full of outfits you LOVE that fill you with confidence?

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Do you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear?

You want to look great and stop wasting money on the wrong clothes, but how do you know what works for you and what doesn’t?

If you only had your own Hollywood stylist, right?


You can be your own personal stylist. 

I’m sharing my skills and years of knowledge, to teach you how to Discover Your Signature Style, correctly Edit Your Closet, and Shop Like a Professional Stylist so you can have a wardrobe that fills you with confidence and makes you shine.


Introducing the WWTNT Courses

Course One

How to Discover Your Signature Style

A step-by-step guide to developing a style that consistently flatters your shape, fits your lifestyle, and reflects your true personality.


Course Two

The Right Way to Edit Your Closet

Learn what works, what doesn't, & what you still need. It's the difference between a closet full of clothes and a closet full of outfits.

Course Three

How to Shop Like a Hollywood Stylist

You'll learn a stylist's shopping skills and tricks of the trade so you can confidently elevate your wardrobe like a pro.

As Featured In:


Cover of the Robb Report March 2005 Magazine
Photo of Erin Ross as Featured in The Robb Report

"So many [clients] don't have the time," explains (Erin) Ross, "and it's overwhelming when they do go to the stores. Often there are just too many choices, and it becomes intimidating."

- William Kissel. "Shop Lessons" Robb Report

This FREE video gives you the 3 Questions that guide professional stylists toward building ideal wardrobes

for their clients - and themselves!

I want to hear from you...

What is your biggest struggle with your wardrobe right now?

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