The Essential Wardrobe Checklist: Top Timeless Classics

The Essential Checklists Series

Welcome To The Essential Checklist Series! Whether you’re shopping for basics or looking to level up, these lists will be your guide! Over the next two months, a Top Timeless Classics category will be released each week! There will be shopping links for each itemized suggestion, as well as new merchandise added to the WWTNT…


How To Do Hot Weather Autumn Outfits

collage of Autumn inspired clothing and accessories

  What do you do when it’s Fall, but it’s still 90 degrees outside?! You swap out your pastels for autumn colors and trade your espadrilles and canvas bags for leather. Read on for more ideas… Hopefully, you’re just in time to shop these lightweight autumn finds! One or two clicks on the images at…


Mix And Match Casual, Chic Outfits

casual chic dressing

  Hopefully, you’re just in time to shop these casual, chic finds! One or two clicks on the images at the bottom of this page will take you right to them. Nonetheless, read on for a mini style lesson and use these ideas as inspiration for your next outfit. Why these work… You can mix…


Nordstrom Sale: Ultimate Guide To The Best Timeless Picks

Nordstrom 2021 Anniversary Sale

  Nordstrom is at it again with their stellar Anniversary Sale! And this is your ultimate guide to the best picks. It’s the time of year when they offer new, incoming merchandise at sale prices! But only for a limited time, as prices will go right back up before you know it. If you are a…


The Best Straw Hats And Their Look For Less Matches

elegant straw hats with wide brims

  I’ve always loved hats and happily welcome any opportunity to wear one. Sunny summer days are the perfect excuse! The best hats can get very expensive. They are made from durable, UV protecting materials that hold their shape, making them perfectly packable for hot weather getaways (simply nest them into the center of your…

photo of Erin Ross
photo by Alex Muench

Hi, I'm Erin Ross and I was a Hollywood stylist and personal shopper for 20 years, dressing A-list movie stars, musicians, and more. I worked with the fashion houses of Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and many others on Rodeo Drive. I teach women how to discover their style, edit their closets, and shop like a stylist so they can build wardrobes that fill them with confidence and make them shine.

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