Are You Ready? The Essential Style Emergency Kit

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As Moms, we make sure our diaper bags and purses have every last thing any little one could need for any given situation. Hungry? Baggie of Cheerios. Need a bandaid? Right here. Runny nose? Have a tissue. Ponytail holder? Got it.

As a stylist, a makeup artist, or a hairstylist on set, or even on the red carpet, it’s a lot like that as well. You need to be ready for anything! Every good stylist has his or her “never not by my side,” style emergency kit to get their clients through any fashion or beauty mishaps.


It’s always a relief to have what you suddenly need at your fingertips. Because my business often kept me out and about, I made a habit of keeping a touch up kit and whatever else I anticipated needing in my car. If I decided to join clients or friends for dinner after work, I had what I needed to freshen up. Since most of us have jobs and activities that keep us endlessly on the run, I thought I’d share my list with you.

Free Style Emergency Kit Checklist

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Be your own personal stylist and arm yourself against the unexpected by assembling your problem solving kit. Get your FREE Style Emergency Kit Checklist of the essential items you’ll want to have in your arsenal and use the links below to find what you need.

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With these supplies on hand, fashion and beauty emergencies are easily combatted. Fill up a zip closure, chic bag with any or all of the style emergency items above and keep an on-the-go kit in your car or at work.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.


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