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Top Stylist Shopping Tips For The 2024 Nordstrom NSale

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It’s summer sale time and one of the most anticipated is The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (NSale), which offers excellent discounts on incoming Fall merchandise.  But before you dive in with credit card in hand, here are some seasoned stylist shopping tips to help you choose and GET all the right things on your wish list. 

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Do Your Homework 

This is a great time to edit your closet. Find out what you’re missing and what you need to replace. Buy what you need in addition to a fun find or two that will easily integrate into your wardrobe.

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Know Your Access Day

If you are a Nordstrom cardmember, depending on the status chart below, your VIP early access could start tomorrow! And if not, all the details on how to become an early access member are on Nordstrom’s The Card’s The Key website page. Otherwise, the sale opens to the public on July 15th.


Nordstrom NSale Early Access Schedule

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Make Your NSale Wish List

Find the items you’d like to purchase and add them to your wish list right there on the product page. Nordstrom makes it easy for you to pre-shop and quickly purchase whatever is still available on the day you receive access to the sale. You can preview the entire Anniversary Sale here (and begin your wish list).

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Quality Over Quantity

This is a great time to shop for investment pieces. Look for YOUR classic, timeless styles. Spend more on one or two items that will last for years to come rather than a cart full of fast fashion or trends.

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Read The Reviews

You can pretty well trust four and five star ratings by the hundreds or thousands, but not necessarily by the ones and twos. It’s best to read several of them as they’ll provide additional fit clues and other details you may not have initially noticed.

Also, don’t assume a low star rating is valid without reading it. Sometimes negative reviews are left due to shipping or wrong item issues only. 

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Buy The Right Size

Nordstrom offers free return shipping, so if you aren’t sure of your size and are shopping online, buy the next size up or down as well. Then promptly return the one that doesn’t work.

Additionally, once the sizes available have dwindled, carefully evaluate buying outside your size range. The cost of alterations could easily cancel out your savings altogether.

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Instinct (Not Impulse) Shopping

Impulse shopping is a no-no, but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is kind of an exception to the rule. Things sell out fast. But instead of impulse, go with instinct -your first instinct. Thankfully, Nordstrom’s generous return policy will save you if you make a mistake.

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Shop Online

They’ll have much more in stock and you won’t have the added anxiety of a desperate environment. Get your must-haves online, then consider enjoying an added trip to the store for extras without the worry.

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Checkout Often

Buy your must-have items ASAP! Then go back and browse. It’s ok to place multiple orders. You don’t want to miss out on your number one choice while browsing for number five.

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Check Back Often

Popular items are often restocked, so if something on your Nordstrom wish list is sold out one day, it may be back the next. Lots of NSale shoppers are buying multiple sizes and will be returning the ones that don’t work.


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