How to Dress Better: Discover Your Signature Style


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Your Signature Style…

In fashion, the phrase “Signature Style” gets thrown around a lot.

True, your personal style may be similar to someone else’s, but how you choose to represent yourself really is as unique as your signature.

But is your signature today the same as it was in high school? Still dot your i’s with hearts?

Just like handwriting, style evolves.

Your experiences shape your style. Where you’ve lived, or worked, or travelled all have an influence on you. And perhaps you’ve been through the biggest life changing experience of all:  Motherhood.

Whether your body has changed or not, you’ve grown. You don’t necessarily want the same things. You have different responsibilities, different experiences, not to mention different errands (oh so many errands!) than you did when you were younger.

Maybe you left the office to work from home instead. At first, it was great leaving behind the constricting work clothes, but now you miss the polished, dressed up you.

Maybe you’ve embraced those comfortable pandemic outfits and will never go back to restrictive clothes. But you’d like to look a little more put together. “Comfortable” can so easily slip into “dumpy” 

No matter your circumstances, much of what once worked, no longer does.

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Finding You…

Your style and what you choose to wear reflects who you are right now. The question is: Do you like the reflection you see?

Clothes can make us feel something. How do you feel in a cozy cardigan?  A sharp, skirt suit? A girly, floral dress? How do old jean shorts and a broken in tee make you feel? Your answers to each of these could be very different from someone else’s.

It’s time to step back and get a fresh mind set. Yes, you’ve changed, but you aren’t just Mama or just the woman who works so hard, and “the you” you love is still in there.

photos of several women wearing several different styles

A Style All Your Own…

Your Signature Style isn’t just about which fashion styles you like. It’s also about which pieces within that fashion style flatter you most.

It’s a combination of the looks you admire that feel most like you, the things that flatter your shape and your coloring, and are appropriate for the places you go and the things you do.

Style can be learned. And you are qualified to learn it because you are the expert on you. You are the expert on what you like and why.

In fact, you already have a signature style. It just hasn’t been collected, organized, and refined yet.

You MUST have an understanding of it, BEFORE you edit your closet, throw away anything, or shop for One. More. Thing.


Discover Your Signature Style Course

Discover Your Signature Style!

In my course, How To Discover Your Signature Style, And Gain The Confidence To Wear It!, I lead you step-by-step to developing the Signature Style that consistently flatters your shape, fits your lifestyle, and reflects your true personality.

Confidence comes from knowledge. All that you learn in this course, will give you that knowledge, a better understanding of what makes you look great and why. 

pictures representing Course Modules

In the first module, I’ll clearly define this elusive “Signature Style” phrase and let you in on a couple of well kept secrets. 

In the second module, as you begin to learn about proportion, you’ll correctly identify your shape and start to see why size doesn’t matter. 

Third, you’ll learn how to create your visually balanced and proportioned silhouette.

In the fourth, you’ll identify your coloring and learn the real role it plays in what looks good on you. 

In the fifth module, we’ll examine your lifestyle, assess your true clothing needs, and spend a little time talking about “dressing your age”. It may not be what you think.

Next, in the sixth module, you’ll explore several styles and begin to see a path toward yours.

Then, in the seventh, your Signature Style will reveal itself as we analyze the things that inspire you. 

In the eighth, you’ll be heading out on a field trip to try on your prospective style.

And finally, in the ninth module, we’ll confidently put all that you’ve learned together, celebrate your new outlook, and consider your next steps.

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Eyes Wide Open…

At the end of this course, you’ll have developed a firm grasp of your Signature Style. All that you will have learned will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to start wearing it. 

  • You won’t feel overwhelmed when you walk into a store or shop online. 
  • Knowing what works and what doesn’t will be much easier to see. 
  • You’ll stop wasting money on the wrong clothes and 
  • will know that the clothes you choose to wear consistently flatter and reflect the real you.

Click Here to get started now!

Until then,


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  1. karen on June 8, 2019 at 7:39 am

    I lost 40lb in weight , and I found this very helpful , I used the style board before I decided on my new wardrobe, thanks x

    • Erin Ross on June 11, 2019 at 9:36 am

      I’m so happy you found this post helpful, Karen! We put so much research into big, important purchases like furniture or cars. A lasting wardrobe for a new figure definitely qualifies as an investment. I’m glad you took some time to make smart choices for the new you! Let me know if you have any questions along the way.