What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

woman pointing at self in mirror


People may not consciously think about the messages their clothes send, but, right or wrong, others often make assumptions or draw conclusions based on what someone is wearing. Your choice of clothes and how you put them together projects an image.


artist drawing outfits with fabric samples

Think about it in terms of a movie character. One of my favorite tasks working for Giorgio Armani was to help Costume Designers compile wardrobes for specific characters in their movies. The clothing needed to project clues about the character’s personality. And that’s what we do when we dress.


woman wearing black biker jacket, long skirt, and boots

How we choose to present ourselves tells others something about us. What does this woman’s outfit say about her? Maybe sophisticated, but a little edgy too.


woman wearing leather shearling vest over red sweater with matching hat

How about this one? Kind of quirky and bold, right?


woman in chambray shirt and white pants

Or this woman: More practical and no nonsense.

How about you? What do your clothes say about you?


woman in long neutral coat and pants


Clothing often reflects aspects of your personality. For example, wearing bright colors might suggest you are outgoing and vibrant, while neutral tones might indicate a more reserved personality.

three women dressed in different styles laughing together



The style of clothing you choose can say a lot about your tastes and interests. Whether you prefer a classic, timeless look, a more edgy and contemporary style, or something entirely unique, your clothes reflect these choices.


woman dressed in sharp black dress with matching necklace


In many settings, such as the workplace, clothing can convey professionalism and competence. A well-tailored suit or a polished dress can suggest professionalism and attention to detail.


woman in colorful belted dress laughing


Sometimes, what you wear reflects your current mood or how you want to feel. You might wear comfortable, casual clothes on a relaxed day or dress up in elegant attire for a special occasion.


woman wearing organic blue top and jeans

Values and Beliefs

Clothing can also be a way to express your values and beliefs. For instance, wearing clothing from sustainable or ethically sourced brands can show a commitment to environmental or social causes.


woman with scarf around head in peacock embroidered coat

Cultural Identity

Your choice of clothing can reflect your cultural background or the cultures you admire. Traditional clothing from your heritage or clothing inspired by cultures you appreciate can be a way to express this.


woman wearing hat and neutral color outfit


Lastly, how you carry yourself in your clothes can convey confidence. Wearing something that makes you feel good often shows in your demeanor, sending a message of self-assuredness.


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