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Sunglasses For Each Face Shape



First, as you identify your face shape, you’ll see that proportion plays a very important role in determining the sunglasses that best suit you. Then, familiarize yourself with a few sunglass terms and find out which lens colors are best for your activities.  Next, shop by face shape for the perfect pair of sunglasses! Finally, find the look for (way!) less.

Which Is Your Face Shape?

Oval Shaped Face


The Oval Shaped Face

We’ll get the easy one out of the way first: you can wear anything! Your symmetrical features and evenly tapering jawline suits unlimited styles. It just comes down to what you like!





Square Shaped Face


The Square Shaped Face

Your forehead and cheekbones are the same width and you have a prominent jawline. Your angular shape is best complimented by curves. Cat Eye styles, rounded edge Aviators, and Round sunglasses will balance your angles beautifully.





Round Shaped Face


The Round Shaped Face

Your face shape is about as wide as it is long and your cheekbones are the widest point. The roundness of your face is beautifully contrasted by angular shaped sunglasses. Look for square and rectangle shapes. Wayfarers look especially good on you!





Heart Shaped Face


The Heart Shaped Face

Your face is widest at the cheekbones and tapers narrowly down to your chin. The fullness of your sunglasses should be at the bottom, drawing the eye downward. Cat Eye styles, Aviator, and Round sunglasses are knockout on you!



For more information, Nordstrom has a helpful sunglass fit guide on their website.


Sunglass Terms To Know

Polarized Lenses:

This is a treatment on the sunglass lenses that enhances color, clarity, and depth perception, while blocking the glare of the sun. Look for polarized lenses for all outdoor activities, especially snow and water sports.

UV Ray Protection:

UV Rays are the harmful rays from the sun that can damage the health of your eyes. Absorbing UV rays also causes premature aging, so don’t go with sunglasses that don’t provide UV Ray Protection (fortunately, most do).

Gradient Lenses:

Gradient lenses fade from a dark color tint to a light color tint. This is advantageous because it provides for a variety of lighting conditions and distances. Not to mention, it just looks great! 



Sunglass Lens Colors: which color is best for which activity


Shop By Face Shape

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Oval Shaped Face


Square Shaped Face


Round Shaped Face


Heart Shaped Face




Look For Less Sunglass Chart



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