Want To Be a Smart Shopper? Hunt For The Holy Grail.

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After working as a personal shopper for over two decades in Hollywood, I’ve developed some serious shopping skills I’d like to share with you.

One of the most important: Knowing when to walk away empty handed. 

Put it this way:

I’ve been shopping for just the right, little clock to keep on my vanity, on and off, for about a year now.

And I still haven’t found it. 

It’s not a “need”, it’s a “want”. There are currently other ways for me to find out what time it is, but it sure would be helpful to have a clock nearby when I’m getting ready, and the right clock would look so elegant sitting on that table.

But truthfully, I’m enjoying the hunt.

Do you have an elusive “want”? A Holy Grail you’re after?

If you don’t, you should.

Learning to be a smart shopper is just as much about knowing when to say “No” as it is about when to say “Yes”.


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Oh, I’ve seen clocks. Lots of clocks. But not the right clock. Not yet.

I’m not actively shopping for it. But whenever I’m in a store that might carry it, I take a look to see if it’s there.

Because I value that little spot on my vanity that I’ll see every day, I’m willing  to wait until I find something that moves me. Something that brings me a spark of “happy”.

This is also how you should view your closet. Whether it’s a modest wall closet or a grand walk-in room, its real estate is valuable. Make sure its occupants deserve to be there. After all, it’s where you keep your treasures.  

When stylists are shopping for a client’s wardrobe, we aren’t looking for something that “will do for now”. We’re looking for something that will perfectly fulfill its role and possibly bring joy each time she sees it. 

As you refine your eye and better identify your needs, your skill in finding the right things for your wardrobe will improve.

You’ll get to know what looks best on your body and where to often find it. You won’t waste any more time on things or places that don’t work for you. 


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In the meantime, it’s great practice to go Holy Grail Hunting:

1. Think of a little something you’d love to have, but don’t necessarily need.

It can be anything. I just recently found the perfect spoon rest I’ve been wanting for the kitchen! I already had one, but it was just “meh”. So whenever I was out shopping, I’d take a peek in the kitchen aisles to see if it was there. The one spoon rest to rule all others.

2. Imagine an ideal version of what it might look like.

Have a fairly clear idea of what you want. This helps you set the bar and pass on anything that doesn’t meet it.

3. Let the Treasure Hunt begin!

Either actively look for it online or passively keep it in the back of your mind and only look when you happen to be in the right place. You might be surprised at when and where you find it. I once found a Holy Grail on vacation, thousands of miles from home. 

4. Trust that you’ll know when you’ve found it.

I’ve picked up and put down a lot of little clocks that were almost what I wanted, but just a little too big, or the wrong color, or too expensive, etc. Hold out for the perfect fit. It’s worth the wait.

Your Holy Grail is out there, quietly waiting for you to find it. By searching for it, you’ll be training yourself to never just settle for something again. 


I’d love to know what elusive treasure you’re hunting for in the comments below. Maybe I can give you an idea of where to look!


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