How To Wrap It Up In Timeless Luxury


Hopefully, you’re just in time to shop for these great finds! One or two clicks on the images at the bottom of this page will take you right to them. Nonetheless, read on for a mini shopping lesson and use these images as inspiration for your next outfit.

Why These Work…

  • This outfit takes classic, timeless elements (a camel wrap coat, black turtleneck, tortoise shell sunglasses, and jeans) and mixes them with edgy accessories for a more modern look.
  • Loro Piana is famous for its luxurious Italian fabrics. The quality and timeless style of this camel wrap coat is worth the investment.
  • The cashmere turtleneck and high end jeans are great luxuries to own, but the same look of them can easily be accomplished for a lot less. They are only acting as the base of the outfit. As long as you find a flattering fit, your base layers don’t have to be expensive.
  • The color block handbag really makes the outfit! Its shape and color combination are unusual, but the structure, top handles and rich leather keep it grounded. I also included a lower priced alternative below.


Shopping Bag in WWTNT orange circle

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