How Often Do You Need To Wash Jeans, Bras, And More?

When To Wash Guide: assortment of jeans, sweaters, bra, suit jacket, and other clothes



Do you ever wonder how many times you can get away with wearing something before it needs to be laundered? This quick guide will tell you and you might be surprised. Most of us are over-washing our clothes and shortening their life spans in the process.


When to wash guide with questions marks on it


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You’ll see that it would be a great investment to have a steamer and a drying rack on hand. There are both handheld and stand alone steamers. The handheld are not quite as powerful, but they do the job. And if you have a laundry area, a wall mounted drying rack is a nice decorative detail to add.  Here are some I recommend:

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If you’re looking for more ways to extend the life of your wardrobe, look for upcoming additions to the WWTNT Clothing Care page.

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