Hi, I'm Erin Ross, 

I spent over 20 years in Hollywood as a professional stylist and personal shopper, building the wardrobes of A-list movie stars, musical icons, and entertainment industry moguls, styling them for the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammy's, and many other red carpet events. My job was to make them shine.

But every woman deserves the luxury of a wardrobe that makes her shine.

And I want to help.

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Your Signature Style

Here you'll find posts related to discovering your signature style and maximizing your assets by dressing proportionately. 

Style 101

The place for learning the basics: how to build a capsule wardrobe, best sunglass styles for your face shape, outfit inspiration, and more!

Your Courses

"Every woman deserves the luxury of a wardrobe that makes her shine."

I’ve designed a series of 3 simple courses that give you the knowledge and confidence to create a skillfully styled wardrobe that consistently flatters and beautifully reflects the real you.


Closet Organization

Learn how you can turn your closet into your favorite place to shop!

Clothing Care

Extend the life of your wardrobe by learning to care for and store it properly.


The Essentials

A roundup of the things every wardrobe needs, all in one place.

Shopping Tips

Learn the skills and tricks of the trade you need to shop like a pro! 

Find The Look For Less

My Gift To You!

This video gives you the Top 3 Questions professional stylists ask when building winning wardrobes. It's yours FREE just for visiting!


The Essential Handbag Collection

several colorful, different style handbags

  Men get pockets. We get a handbag. It’s not fair and it wasn’t always this way, but until we have enough pockets to handle everything a woman needs to carry with her, we’re stuck being the pack mules. In fact, did you know women’s pockets are about 1/2 the size and depth of men’s?…


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