The Essential Wardrobe Checklist: Top Timeless Classics

The Essential Checklists Series

Welcome To The Essential Checklist Series! Whether you’re shopping for basics or looking to level up, these lists will be your guide! Over the next two months, a Top Timeless Classics category will be released each week! There will be shopping links for each itemized suggestion, as well as new merchandise added to the WWTNT…


Are You Ready? The Essential Style Emergency Kit

Woman in blue coat holding first aid kit

  As Moms, we make sure our diaper bags and purses have every last thing any little one could need for any given situation. Hungry? Baggie of Cheerios. Need a bandaid? Right here. Runny nose? Have a tissue. Ponytail holder? Got it. As a stylist, a makeup artist, or a hairstylist on set, or even…


Love is in The Hair

Photo of Erin for Love is in the Hair

When I discuss Signature Style, I focus primarily on your wardrobe to illustrate it. But your personal appearance plays into it as well, doesn’t it? Do you have a signature look? You know, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have had the same hairstyle for years. Think Anna Wintour’s bob, Cindy Crawford’s mane, or…


What Would The Neighbors Think? How WWTNT Got Its Name

photo of kids with napkins on their heads

“What would the neighbors think?” my mother used to scold as my sisters and I were doing something bound to embarrass ourselves or, more specifically, her (every mother has been there).  The correct answer may have been “who cares?”.  I felt a responsibility to take this one seriously because I was the anxiety-ridden, oldest child….

photo of Erin Ross
photo by Alex Muench

Hi, I'm Erin Ross and I was a Hollywood stylist and personal shopper for 20 years, dressing A-list movie stars, musicians, and more. I worked with the fashion houses of Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and many others on Rodeo Drive. I teach women how to discover their style, edit their closets, and shop like a stylist so they can build wardrobes that fill them with confidence and make them shine.

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