The Top 3 Questions Hollywood Stylists Ask Themselves Before They Buy Anything!

rack of elegant clothes with sign reading the top 3 questions Hollywood stylists ask themselves before they buy anything

  Do you want to dress with confidence, but you don’t know how? And do you keep wasting money on the wrong clothes… Only to end up with a closet full of nothing to wear? Then you need to ask these 3 questions! I’ve created a FREE video that teaches you the the top three questions Hollywood stylists ask themselves before…


Nordstrom Sale: Ultimate Guide To The Best Timeless Picks

Nordstrom 2021 Anniversary Sale

  Nordstrom is at it again with their stellar Anniversary Sale! And this is your ultimate guide to the best picks. It’s the time of year when they offer new, incoming merchandise at sale prices! But only for a limited time, as prices will go right back up before you know it. If you are a…


How to Care For Your Sweaters

Erin Ross sitting in library

You’ve invested a lot of thought, time, and money into your wardrobe. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to care for it properly so it will look fresh and new year after year.  One of the first items in your closet to show wear will be your sweaters. But maintenance can be easy if you…


Are You Ready? The Essential Style Emergency Kit

Woman in blue coat holding first aid kit

  As Moms, we make sure our diaper bags and purses have every last thing any little one could need for any given situation. Hungry? Baggie of Cheerios. Need a bandaid? Right here. Runny nose? Have a tissue. Ponytail holder? Got it. As a stylist, a makeup artist, or a hairstylist on set, or even…


Love is in The Hair

Photo of Erin for Love is in the Hair

When I discuss Signature Style, I focus primarily on your wardrobe to illustrate it. But your personal appearance plays into it as well, doesn’t it? Do you have a signature look? You know, it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have had the same hairstyle for years. Think Anna Wintour’s bob, Cindy Crawford’s mane, or…

photo of Erin Ross
photo by Alex Muench

Hi, I'm Erin Ross. I spent over 20 years in Hollywood as a professional stylist and personal shopper, building the wardrobes of A-list movie stars, musicians, and more. I worked with the fashion houses of Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, and many others on Rodeo Drive. I'll teach you how to become your own personal stylist by showing you how to Discover Your Signature Style,correctly Edit Your Closet, and skillfully Shop Like a Stylist so you can build a wardrobe that fills you with confidence and makes you shine!

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